Thursday, 14 May 2009

Together we stand

If a team only finishes when the last man crosses the line then there are no celebrities. No shining stars. No stand out from the crowd, everybody look at me person who can often be addicted to adulation. Teamwork is central to the success of any venture. Jesus had to go back for the dissillusioned team who went fishing after he had overcome death.

A strong personality can pull a team, with it's goals and it's commonality, apart at the seams. BUT! When a team recognises it's need for mutual empathy and efficiency then it's members can change the world. Just look at what those regathered fishermen achieved.

Now in this "scientific" age criticism has become the national standard. An age when one can watch a half hour programme, (fashioned more for entertainment value than authenticity), and become an instant critic of informed judgment and process. The book of Judges called it "every man doing that which is right in his own eyes." Now more than ever the church needs to stand up and be counted. Not hidden behind brick walls but in the communities surrounding us. Not developing spiritual retreats but physical advances.

I recently read of a homeopathic doctor who claimed to have invented a medicine to cure cancer. Whether she actually has or has not, the British Board of Science had no relevant reason to believe in it. Where the relevance is clear to the poor, the sick and needy her credibility and therefore her visibility floundered. She had the remedy and the desire to share it but never got the message out. Sounds a bit like the modern church! We have it but are silenced and staying indoors with a perfectly effective remedy. It's time for the healing conduits to invade the darkness. BUT WHO WILL GO FOR ME SAYS THE LORD!

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