Thursday, 14 May 2009

Fear of failure is an indicator of imminent success

I've always hated starting new things. Like understanding my i-phone or sat-nav or even the latest version of Photoshop or Dreamweaver. Or worse - Blogging! What's that all about? Facebook, Twitter. I always find these things complicated and threatening. They always suggest hours of reading to gain understanding. They don't make allowances for people like me who feel they need to know all about everything but without the bother of all that reading.

So what do I do? Give up? No way! I'm a risk taker. I join instantly! Life is too short to ignore any of it. The fear of failure is always the spectre on all our horizons - but at age 60, after a well expanded life of continuous risk taking, the 'fear of failure' has become more like an old friend because it simply reassures me that I am actually on the track of something new and exciting and above all - POSSIBLE!

So look out blogging world here I come. new goals, new friends, new experiences, new boundaries of excitement, new hope, NEW ME! I'm going to meet new people with refreshing interest in discovering their life assignment.

Life has got to be more than just a series of disconnected events that direct us from the cradle to the grave. Life must be more than us micro-managing those tiny and limited time-bytes within the limitations of our own creativity or imagination. Life should be; no - life IS challenging and as a fuller-life seeker I want to engage with others on their journey to self actualisation. To share experiences. To chart the unexplored, lay hold of it and make it known. Here's to 2009 - a new beginning.

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